About Nordiko

Nordiko is an Australian company that specialises in providing innovative cargo fumigation solutions for the shipping industry.

Nordiko's products offer a unique fumigation solution that are both environmentally friendly and safe to operate.  For decades, fumigation has involved the release of highly toxic substances into the atmosphere.  This has often been performed under less than ideal conditions, considering the toxicity of the substances used.

With encroachment of urban development upon working wharves and depots, the potential for exposure to the public in addition to employees in the workplace increases.

The risks inherent in not using Nordiko's Systems are evidenced by reports like these [click here to view reports].

In addition to servicing the fumigation market, Nordiko has adapted its products for companies wishing to ventilate or recapture any residual gases that may be inside shipping containers, post-fumigation. 

Prior to unpacking imported shipping containers, many customers now see the benefit of ventilating the container using one of Nordiko’s systems, to ensure there are no unsafe gases remaining inside the container.  This provides both OH&S and environmental benefits.